The Course


Statistics tell us that only 1 in 15 applicants will be successful in obtaining a place in dentistry; we want to improve on this.

We offer a comprehensive programme covering 5 key areas of the dental application process, structured by dental professionals

(C.Youngson, British Dental Journal)

Our steps


Personal statement

Offering bespoke support which will aim to ensure that your personal statement is specifically tailored towards dentistry in a succinct, comprehensive and engaging manner.


Interview Preparation

Our team members have previously sat on dental interview panels, which gives us a valuable insight to what it takes to make the cut. This means we can give you the exact experience of the day itself by replicating the entire process



We aim to make the preparation for this as stress free, logical and productive as possible. Our team consists of highly scoring members who have previously achieved within the top 1% in England


Work experience and volunteering advice

Signposting you to the relevant work experience and volunteering posts that other applicants may not have thought about – helping to make your UCAS application more appealing to admission tutors.